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We provide anger management articles in this blog to help you learn ways to manage and control your anger and rage in ways that keep you healthy. Also for couples and families to be safe.

Anger Management Solution

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What Is The Anger Management Solution?

Most people who struggle with anger know that something is wrong, but they don’t know what it is, and they don’t know how to solve it. Most of us were never taught how to handle anger. We didn’t learn how to do it in school. And if we learned anything at all from our parents about anger it was probably what not to do. We ask ourselves, “What is the anger management solution?”

Cheap Anger Management Advice

Sure, we have hear a lot of cheap advice like, “count to 10.” But that doesn’t work for most people most of the time. So we don’t kn ow how to fix our anger problems. One research study said that most people have fewer strategies for how to fix their anger than they do for any other problem like stress, sadness or worry. We just don’t know what to do with it.

Most Anger Management Programs Fail

And the sad truth is that most anger management professionals aren’t much better. Research has shown that a lot of anger management programs simply do not work. Too few counselors understand the science of anger, how anger works in your brain, and what really happens to make you anger. Anger is one of the most frequent issues that causes clients to seek therapy, yet most clinicians have little to no training in how to help people with anger. There were zero classes in either my Masters program or my Doctoral program on how to help clients with anger. Zero. Counselors and therapists get almost no training in this area, and so most have no idea what to do.

Because of this, many counselors offer shallow solutions like, “think before you act” and “take a deep breath.” These simple tips are just not enough for someone in the grip of anger. These counselors offer obsolete and incomplete guidance.

Anger Management That Works

This program is different. I have spent years studying the science of anger and based my doctoral dissertation on the effectiveness of anger management treatment. I can honestly say that I know how anger works, and so I know how to fix it. Think of me as anger mechanic. I created a program based on this understanding. This program is simple, logical, and effective in helping people learn to control their anger. The process is step-by-step and easy to understand, and most importantly, the success rate is remarkable.

Call Today To Begin

If you work the program it will work for you. You will learn to take control of your anger. Call today to setup an individual session with an anger management counselor and begin learning ways to control your anger. We have several anger management groups that meet weekly as well.

Author: Michael Ballard

Michael specializes in issues relating to anger, depression, forgiveness and reconciliation and has received focused and specialized training in these areas. He works with all populations, but has particular interest in adolescents, couples, and families. He completed two years of post-graduate training in Family Therapy through the Denver Family Institute, and has facilitated a number of parenting seminars and classes.

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