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Anger Awareness

Categories: Anger Management

anger awareness management littletonDevelop Anger Awareness

Imagine you are speeding down the road and you hear a beep. You look up and notice that your radar detector is flashing. This should tell you three things.

  1. There is potential problem ahead.
  2. You should slow down.
  3. You need to take action right away.

When your radar detector goes off it means a policeman is ahead. If you are speeding, you should slow down or you will get a ticket. The radar detector tells you to take action right away before the situation turns into a problem. You’ve got to deal with it right then and there. You shouldn’t wait to address it later.

It’s a bad idea to continue driving at the same speed once your radar detector goes off. That won’t work out very well for you. It would be like knowing you need relationship therapy but ignoring the problem until the breakup.

Missing the Signal

But let’s say that you are just driving down the road with your music up full blast, enjoying the ride. You are not paying attention to the radar detector. You miss the signal, so you have no idea that it is trying to tell you to slow down. You saw the warning, but you were stubborn. So instead of slowing down, you pressed on. How is that going to work out?

Why this Matters

Anger is your body’s radar detector. This is incredibly important for you to understand. Like a radar detector, your anger is trying to get your attention and tell you something. Your anger is trying to let you know that something is wrong and that you need to act to do something about it–or your problem will get worse.

Think of it this way. When your body gets angry it sends you a physiological reaction that is anger. It feels different to different people. For some people it is an increased heart rate, for others it is a tightness in the stomach, for others it might be a clenched jaw or a tightness in the chest. But no matter what the signal is, your body sends you some kind o cue when it sense that something is wrong. It is vitally important that you understand that this feeling is a warning. Your body is trying to get your attention and tell you that something is wrong. This is your radar detector.

When you get angry, our body attempts to notify you that something needs your attention. It’s your body’s immediate response to something that is not right. Something is wrong and it needs your attention. You need to slow down and do something about this problem.

Your body sends the physiological reaction of anger because it wants to motivate you to do something Shen you get this signal, you should look at your current situation and act to improve the situation to make it better.

Just like your car’s radar detector, your anger is trying to tell you three things:

  1. There is a potential problem up ahead.
  2. You should slow down.
  3. You need to take action right away.
Author: Michael Ballard

Michael specializes in issues relating to anger, depression, forgiveness and reconciliation and has received focused and specialized training in these areas. He works with all populations, but has particular interest in adolescents, couples, and families. He completed two years of post-graduate training in Family Therapy through the Denver Family Institute, and has facilitated a number of parenting seminars and classes.

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